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William Penn

William Penn started the first successful colony in the present day state of Pennsylvania. One day the King of England owed money to William's father, but his father was dead. So the king planned to give it to William Penn, but Penn instead asked for a piece of land in America. The king consented and gave him Pennsylvania or 'Woods of Penn.'

William was a Quaker and in England at the time, Quakers were not allowed to follow their beliefs or they were immediately arrested. William Penn asked for the land so all the Quakers could do what they wanted without the rule of a king. William Penn's dear wife and children could not come with him on the long journey. When Penn met the Indians, he was very kind. He loved the Native Americans' language after they taught him how to speak it. Penn made a beautiful city he called Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, and streets he named like Pine and Spruce are still there. For a time, Penn returned to his family in England. When he traveled back to his colony, there were people from other countries in Pennsylvania. Today we still call our state Pennsylvania, after William Penn!

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