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The Ice Town Story

Once upon the time, not long ago, there were six girls playing in very deep snow. Now, take ten inches of the worst packing snow and imagine four of those girls trying to build an igloo with it. It does not sound very fun, right? It was not fun since only one older girl was really working hard. The other three, were digging up what they called, “Dinosaur Bones”. The dinosaur bones that they were pretending to dig up were really hard pieces of icy snow. Then another girl came to their house and started to help make the igloo. Everyone joined in and before the girls knew it they were having a great time. They stacked piles and piles of icy, hard snow on top of the ground and they looked a bit like bricks. Well, the girls kept building with these bricks until they had the igloo finished. It was open on one side to get in and it had no roof. They had high hopes and decided to build a town called Arctic City. Each person would live with another girl. Since there were six people, they needed three igloos. The girls decided to make two more igloos like the first one.
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