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The Year Without Snow

It is not snowing. There are flurries so tiny you can barely see them. Sometimes the sun comes out from behind the clouds and melts all the flurries. It never turns into real snow. I long for those days when I wake up in the mornings and see the light blue showing through the curtains and I look out the window and the snow is piled on the swingset a foot high. I remember the sound of the snowplow as it used to come around the neighborhood. I remember the shouts of the kids who are out of school. I would go outside and make snow castles and throw huge snowballs. The flurries are coming down faster but soon it will stop and the sun will come out. I love when I am outside and the soft snow falls all around me. I wish for a big snowstorm but it does not look like it will snow very hard this year.

(A few weeks later-after it has snowed ten inches) All the snow is melting. I can see it dripping off the trees. The water is running off the roof and I can hear it. Our igloos are in ruins. There is a warm breeze. I can see the top of the ugly brown grass. I want to play in the snow but it is more like stepping in a slush puddle. I miss summer but for now I like the icy cold and soft snow. I can feel that spring is very near. Goodbye Winter! Copyright 2007 sponsor Raffle Tickets