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The Terrors of the Eye Man

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, there was a small building. Every day, a child would go inside and come out looking scared and almost screaming. I can tell you all about it because I went in there and almost was not alive to tell the tale. Beware of what comes next! Well, it all started when I had a hard time focusing while I was reading books. Mom scheduled and appointment with the eye doctor. It started out fine. Then, the eye man put some goggles on me. It was s scary. He shined a bright light in my eyes and I had to keep my eyes open without blinking. He almost made me blind and when he was done, I saw blue spots everywhere. I read letters on the wall but I could not see the bottom line. I also read bubble letters and numbers. It seems I messed up. Mr. Eye Man told me to open my eyes wide and he measured them with a ruler. The scariest thing that he did was something terrible! I walked over to a box and put my eyes in it. He pushed a button and then, POW! What was that? Something shot into my eyes. I stumbled blindly into the waiting room for my appointment was over. A lady there told me he put air in my eyes and I was fine except for the fact that I needed glasses. Oh well, I guess I am just glad that I made it out of that place alive. I hope I donít have to go back there again. I have had enough scares for a lifetime Copyright 2007 sponsor Direct Thermal Labels