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The Day the Sun Was Hidden

Once upon a time there lived a little girl. Her parents had died and she lived with her sister. She was four and her sister was seven. The little girl's name was Glory and her big sister was Alice. After their parents died there was a fire and their house burned up. Then they didn't have a house so they lived outside and slept on the grass. One morning Alice woke up and she saw that it was dark. She didn't have a watch so she didn't know what time it was. So she woke Glory up and together they went to the neighbor's house that they were sleeping near. The neighbor said she didn't know why it was dark either because it was 8:00 AM. Then they found out why it was dark. It was because the sun was not out. It was strange to the people because it had never happened to them. The people couldn't see anything because it was pitch black. Glory and Alice hoped that there would be light and in four hours there was light. People from all over came and thanked them for saving the day.

Then they went to Washington, D.C. and were congratulated by the president for saving them. There they were given a place to live. They accepted it and lived happily ever after. Copyright 2007 sponsor Canon P Series Printer Cartridge