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A Brittle Starfish

Hello! I don't believe we've met before. I'm a beautiful purple and pink brittle starfish named Star. I love eating fresh clams. This is how I eat the clams. I take a juicy clam and use the sticky suction cups on my long arms to suck open the clam. Sometimes it takes me a long time to open them. When I finally do, I eat the clam! Some animals like to eat me. I am always in danger of being eaten by predators. One day when I was leisurely lying on a warm rock, a crab tiptoed up to me. I was scared because crabs eat brittle starfish like me. This crab seemed to enjoy sneaking up to me rather than really trying to eat me. He could have been one of the crabs training for the Crab Police. I'm not quite sure through. He came closer and I started to crawl away. The crab must not have been too hungry because he didn't chase after me. I think I recognized him as one of the crabs in the COL. (That stands for Crustacean Organization of Laziness)

Thank goodness nothing else exciting is happening around here. There is peace and quiet for now. Copyright 2007 sponsor RJS Printer Thermal Transfer Ribbon