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A Star Folktale

This is a story for the constellation, Lepus, which is in the night sky. Lepus started out as a beggar. Now I will tell you this remarkable tale. There once was a boy who never had any riches and begged for money just to feed himself. Every morning Lepus, as this was the boy's name, went to a rich ogre's house to see if he would give some money. The cook, tired and grumpy as always, told him to go and run in a race to get all of his energy out, for the boy was hopping and bouncing around the kitchen.

Thinking she was serious, Lepus went and signed up to run. In the race, Lepus did run all of his energy off and he won first place with a ribbon and money. Now, Lepus had never been so happy in his whole life for these were riches and never again would he have to beg as long as he lived. So, very eager to show someone, he went and showed his prize to the grumpy cook. That was certainly not the thing to do for the cook's salary was not large and Lepus's money was the most she had ever seen in her entire life. The outrageous cook, thinking that he was showing off, then boxed the poor boy's ears and that sent him screaming up into the sky. Luckily, his ribbon caught on a star and he stayed in the sky. His body changed shape into that of a hare. The light of the star behind him lit him up and today runners are reminded of their hero, Lepus, when they look into the sky at night. Copyright 2007 sponsor Canon LBP Series Printer Cartridge