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The Roman Servant Girl

Oh! Hello! I really shouldn't be here! You see, I am a slave to my mistress, Antiga. My name is Paolea, the slave girl of the richest family in all of Rome, the emperor Constantius. I help my mistress get ready for important events and today they are going to the Colosseum. They are kind to me and once they took me to the Colosseum but it was awful! Men fought against other men and tried to kill them. I am not going to the Colosseum today. My mistress wants an elaborate hairstyle that will take me a long time to do. Someday, I hope my master will give me my freedom. I have been saving money up in faith that he will let me go when I am older. For now I must work for my master with obedience. Copyright 2007 sponsor Paxar Printer Thermal Transfer Ribbon