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The Ragamuffins (Originally Told By the Grimm Brothers)

One day a cock said to a hen, 'Let's go pick some nuts.' So they walked up the hill and picked all they could. Then with the nutshells they made a cart because they were too lazy to walk. A duck got mad at them for stealing her nuts. They punished the duck by hooking her up to the cart. As they were riding they came upon a needle and pin. They said, 'We are tired and our feet hurt. May we have a ride?' The cock and hen said, 'Yes, we are tired too. We will stop at an inn.' So when they got to the inn the landlord wouldn't let them in but they begged and finally he let them in. It was night when the cock and hen woke up and they stuck the pin in the landlord's towel and the needle in the cushion of his chair. Then they ran off. When he woke up he got pricked twice and he knew it was the ragamuffins. And he never let any people in his house again. Copyright 2007 sponsor Datamax / Fargo Printer Thermal Transfer Ribbon