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A Powhatan Girl

Welcome to Virginia! I am a Powhatan girl and this is my home. Everyday I work hard making baskets and washing clothes in the river. But when I am not working, I run and swim with the other children or I pick flowers to put in my hair. One thing I don't like to do is sit with my back against the wall for hours because the Indians in my tribe believe in good posture.

One day when I was climbing trees I saw three strange monsters drifting down the bay. They were not at all like our canoes so immediately I climbed down the tree to warn the others. They did not believe me. Only the chief's favorite daughter Pocahontas came with me. Together we peeked through the bushes, only to find white men taking over the bay where we played. We rushed back to tell the chief who finally listened and brought back his warriors. A rustle of arrows shot out at the white men, but as soon as we heard a cannon shot, all our tribe fled.

Soon some of the white men went out in groups looking for food. The Indians of our tribe planned a surprise attack on one of the groups because the white men killed some of our tribe. Sneaking up on the group, I signaled to the warriors that the group was in view. Shooting arrows and dodging bullets, we forced them to surrender. Outnumbered, the white men surrendered and were captured by Powhatan warriors.

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