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Pope John Paul II

On May 18, 1920, the Pope was born in Poland. He became a cardinal in 1962. When it came time to choose the new pope, cardinals from all over the world went to Italy to vote. The cardinals prayed to the Holy Spirit to let them choose a good pope. Finally the white smoke rose from the chimney. News spread that Pope John Paul II was elected in 1978. The Pope tried his best to lead God's people. He made friends with many people from around the world as he traveled, including Mother Teresa. He spoke with the world leaders. He was a good example to us of forgiving when he forgave the man who shot him. He asked forgiveness for the times the Church didn't treat others nicely. Pope John Paul II died on April 2, 2005. He was a wonderful man and he did what God asked him to do for the world. Copyright 2007 sponsor Epson Printer Dot Matrix Ribbon