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Constellation Pisces

Pisces is a constellation of the Zodiac. It is the twelfth sign to be exact. The Vernal Equinox is the position of the sun on the first day of spring. In the Northern Hemisphere we cannot see Pisces in the spring and summer because the sun passes through Pisces in the day and at night it is below the horizon. The best time to view Pisces is in the fall and winter, but don't get too cold watching the stars at night! Pisces is symbolized as two fish. M74 is a spiral galaxy near Pisces. The 'M' stands for Charles Messier, (say it messy-a) who cataloged objects in space that were not stars or planets. They were mostly galaxies. To count them, scientists use numbers in order. So if you would discover a new galaxy someday, it might be named M111. Copyright 2007 sponsor Brother Printer Dot Matrix Ribbon