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Peter and the Wolf

Once upon a time there lived a little boy. His name was Peter. One day he opened the gate and walked out into the meadow. There he saw his friend the bird, who was sitting on a branch in the tree. The little bird saw him and said, 'How are you this morning, Peter?' and Peter said, 'I am very good, thank you.' Then he saw the duck. She said, 'Thank you Peter for leaving the gate open. Now I can swim.' But just then Grandfather came and was angry with Peter for leaving the gate open. 'What would you do if a wolf came into the meadow?' Grandfather took Peter into the house and shut the gate tight.

Grandfather was right! No sooner had Grandfather taken Peter into the house, when a wolf crept into the meadow. The cat ran up a tree so the wolf could not eat him. The duck was so excited that she jumped out of the middle of the pond. The wolf chased her so fast that the duck couldn't run anymore and the wolf swallowed her whole! And then the wolf sniffed around the tree and thought about how he could eat the cat and the bird.

By that time, Peter saw the wolf and got some rope. The big tree that the cat and the bird were on reached over to the other side of the fence. Peter climbed onto the tree and made a loop on one side of the rope and tied the other side of the rope to the tree. Then he told the bird to fly around the wolf's nose. Peter said, 'Don't let him catch you.' Then the bird flew around the wolf's nose, but the wolf couldn't catch him. While the bird was doing that, Peter was lowering the loop down to the wolf's tail and he caught him! The wolf jumped about, but that made the loop tighter.

Then Peter heard hunters banging their guns and following the tracks to the wolf. 'Don't shoot anymore!' shouted Peter. 'I already caught the wolf.' Then Grandfather came out of the cottage and they all took the wolf to the zoo. Peter was in the lead and then came the hunters and then came Grandfather. The cat was at the end and the little bird was flittering over them. They could still hear the duck quacking inside the wolf's tummy because he had swallowed her alive. Copyright 2007 sponsor Canon MultiPass Series Printer Cartridge