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Constellation Orion

Orion is a very bright constellation in the night sky. It has two very bright stars in it which makes Orion easy to recognize and spot. The two stars' names are Betelgeuse, (say it beetle-juice) and Rigel. They are found in his shoulder Orion's shoulder and knee. Betelgeuse is a Red Super giant and looks reddish in the sky. Rigel is a very hot blue star. Orion also has three other stars that make up his belt. Although the stars in the belt seem very close, they are millions of miles apart. There are two nebulae in the constellation Orion. The Great Nebula is in Orion's Sword. The Horsehead Nebula is in Orion's belt but it is difficult to see without a telescope or binoculars. Copyright 2007 sponsor Apple Printer Dot Matrix Ribbon