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The Nightmare

One bright sunny day a girl skipped into the woods heading for her parent's cabin where they were camping. She surveyed the area but no one could be seen. 'Where is Mom and Dad?' she wondered. Stepping into the cabin she stifled a scream. The house had been ransacked! Hearing footsteps she turned quickly around and knocked into the table causing the tablecloth to fall on top of her.

Struggling to release herself the girl gasped at what she saw in front of her. It was a bear! Creeping around the side of then table she inched toward the door and ran out. The girl yelled, 'Help Mom! Dad!' But no one was there and the bear was gaining on her every second. Suddenly she woke up and seeing her mother there made her feel relived. Her mother said, 'It's only a nightmare go back to sleep.' The girl went to sleep and had good dreams the rest of the night. Copyright 2007 sponsor Ricoh