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The Mysterious Cave part 2

Kelly was scared and she snuggled close to Jessica. Jessica knew that someone else was in the cave because she heard noises. Then they saw a man with feathers on his hat and leather clothes with moccasins. Jessica knew what he was. He was an Indian! He told them that his ancestors thousands of years ago had drawn those pictures. It was the chief of the tribe that had done it for a ceremony.

Then Jessica told him that they needed to get out of the cave because they were lost. The Indian told them that he was exploring this cave. He knew where he was because he had explored it before. He said that the other entrance was only through the next tunnel. Kelly was scared going through the tunnel, but he told them he had a torch to help them see in the dark. When they got out of the tunnel, they were outside again! They thanked the Indian for his help and walked back to the campgrounds. Copyright 2007 sponsor Canon Printer Cartridge