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The Mysterious Cave

It all started when two girls went inside a cave. Their names were Jessica and Kelly. One day Jessica went on a camping trip. Their mom and dad had to leave for their reunion. No kids could come. So they decided that Kelly would have to go with Jessica.

Jessica drove Kelly down to the campgrounds to set up camp. After they put up the tent, they went exploring because Kelly wanted to see the woods around the campsite. They walked for a mile. But Kelly got tired. So they had to turn around and go back. It started to rain on their way back to the campsite. Jessica had only brought one raincoat so she put the raincoat on herself and picked up Kelly and covered her up with it. Then she started to look for a place to rest that would be out of the rain. The best she found was a big rock that she could sit under with Kelly. Then she set Kelly down so she could take the raincoat off because she was hot. But when her back was turned, Kelly walked into a big hole in the rock. When Jessica turned around again, she saw that Kelly was gone! She told Kelly to come back, but Kelly couldn't hear her. So Jessica followed her because she had told her parents that she would stay with Kelly.

When she got inside, she wished she had stayed in the opening. It was very dark. Even though she couldn't see Kelly, she could hear Kelly bumping into things in the dark. She kept on walking even though she bumped into things like Kelly. Pretty soon she saw some light. She was happy that she saw light, because then she could see where she was and where Kelly was. But before she could look for Kelly, she looked up at a big hole in the ceiling of the cave. Then she looked around and she found that Kelly was looking at some pictures on the wall of the cave. Jessica walked over to Kelly and looked closer at them. One picture was of a horse next to an Indian chief. The second picture was of birds next to a little girl that was feeding them. Jessica was glad she found Kelly and she was glad that she found pictures, but she did not know who made the pictures. The only clue she had was that there were Indians. But she didn't think that Indians could go inside a cave.

All of a sudden, the girls saw another light at the end of a dark tunnel and it was coming toward them!

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