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The Indian Girl

I am a Powhatan Indian girl named Malalulai. I am ten moons old. My father is a hunter for our village and my mother cooks, grows food in the garden, and is in charge of the house. Today I had to sit very still and not talk much at all to be polite and not rude. Yesterday I sat against the stone wall for five hours to straighten my back.

I was looking for shells to make pretty beads with when I saw three great white birds gliding over the river. I went to warn our chief Powhatan of the monster birds. He sent his warriors to meet them. I was told to go back to my home but curiosity got the better of me. I silently ran to a tall tree, (my favorite tree for climbing) and climbed it. Looking out from my perch high above the ground, I saw many small canoe-like boats filled with people very unlike our own tribe. They had white skin and were covered with beautiful colored cloth making them look fat. They rowed to shore and landed looking cautiously around and aiming their long sticks. None of them saw the warriors that were sent to spy on them.

A few weeks later it was reported to our village that the white men were coming to stay! They had built a triangular wooden fort with houses and a church inside. A man named John Smith was one of the settlers that visited our village and treated us kindly. He especially liked Powhatan's favorite daughter Pocahontas, a young girl of twelve.

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