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The Exciting finale of The Ice Town Story

While looking for a gigantic and sturdy brick, the girls saw a pile of snow and tried to lift it. It was a huge brick that was so heavy, they found that it would be perfect to use as the snowy back of the next ice house. The girls worked and worked until they finished that igloo. Two girls were working very hard in the brickyard and another was pulling a heavy sled that was filled with large bricks to start the next igloo. The biggest igloo was for the two girls in the brickyard. They quickly piled all the bricks up as high as they possibly could. The igloo they had built was very tall and although it did not have a roof, it was a good protection against the bitterly cold wind. The next building they made was a meeting room with eight seats. It was for there that meetings could be held. The girls kept building many more new igloos onto Arctic City. They all had a great time too. Then the spring winds came and all that was left of the ice town melted into a small lump of frozen snow. Copyright 2007 sponsor CD Labels