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A Germ Story

Hello! I am a small germ on a boy named Phillip. One morning on the bus going to school, a girl sneezed near my friend Timothy and I came flying out of her nose. Then I landed on Tim's head. At school, Tim scratched me off his head and I stuck to his hand. Boy, did it squeeze me when Tim started to write with his pencil!

When he ate lunch, he picked up his sandwich and popped it into his mouth. He stuffed me in too! The next day, Timothy couldn't go to school because he had a sore throat. That's because I was now in the back of his throat. His mom wouldn't let him go anywhere. Days passed and Timothy had a terribly bad cold and a fever. His mom gave him medicine and his fever broke. I was getting nervous because all the good germs were swallowing us bad germs and then multiplying. So I decided it was probably time to move on. I slowly found my way back to Timothy's mouth and when he wiped his hand on his lips, I fell on his finger. He washed his hands and I tumbled into the sink. The next week, Tim was feeling better and his friend came over to play. His friend washed his hands and I gushed onto him. And now I sit here, telling you my story in the mouth of Phillip, Tim's friend. Copyright 2007 sponsor POS ribbon, Dot Matrix Ribbons, dot-matrix ribbon, fax machine ribbon,ink ribbon