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Georgia O'Keeffe

Georgia O'Keeffe was a famous painter from New Mexico. Ever since she was a little girl, she imagined different shapes and colors. After that, her parents decided that she would go to an art school. Every Saturday she went. She copied the teacher's pictures and she liked watercolor.

One day, her family moved to Virginia and she went to different art schools where she painted. For a long time, Georgia thought she was going crazy because she painted how she felt. She made all kinds of squiggles and shapes.

One time she had a headache and she drew how she felt with charcoal. After she drew a lot of pictures, she sent them to her friend in New York City. Her friend brought the pictures to an art studio where a man named Alfred looked at them and put them up in his studio for people to see. Then he asked Georgia to come to New York. He was a photographer and she was a painter so when she painted something, he took a picture of it. Eventually, they got married. She painted pictures of huge flowers and buildings from the sidewalk. Georgia decided to go to New Mexico so she could paint the desert. She painted the sunset and mountains. She brought a whole cartload of bones to New York and she painted pictures of them. Alfred died. Georgia got a Model A Ford and drove around the desert painting what she saw. She ended up living there. She painted until she was ninety-eight years old. Copyright 2007 sponsor Compulabel Labels