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I Helped the Country (The Story of a Frog)

Hello! I am Bill the frog. My story started a long time ago. I live in Edmond Randolph's pocket. When Edmond went to Philadelphia as a delegate, of course I went with him too. At the first meeting, everyone was arguing about how they thought the country should be governed. Not one person had any good ideas. The second and third meetings were even worse. Not only that no one could agree, but they had closed and locked all the windows and doors so it was stifling. Edmond's pocket was hard to breathe in and, noticing a water fountain outside, I hopped across the floor hoping to fit through the crack under the door. Unfortunately, James Madison saw me and asked Edmond, also called Mr. E, why he saw a frog come out of Mr. E's pocket. Mr. E said he carried me around in case I gave him good ideas. Madison whispered something in Mr. E's ear. Mr. E gave a wink and clicked his fingers for me to come over. He told me to come up with some ideas for governing our new country.

I was quick to answer that we should have three branches of government and one leader. There should be an Executive Branch, a Judicial Branch, and a Legislative Branch. The Legislative Branch was a little more difficult to explain because it has the House of Representatives and the Senate. Explaining all this took quite some time and night was falling by the time I finished. Madison had written it all down and his arm hurt so we said to come back tomorrow to make some minor changes. On the fourth meeting, everyone was coming up with ideas at the same time and it was very confusing. While the men were talking though, I was the center of attention. The men fed me caviar (it was ok) and salted flies (my favorite). The Constitution was finally finished and we were asked to sign it. Mr. E would not sign it but I did. Then we went home to our cozy mansion to relax. Here I still sit telling my story to people who want to know how the Constitution was thought up.

I tell them, leaving out only the part that I signed it, because no one would really believe me. But if you look close enough you can see my signature, Bill Nathan Ribit. Copyright 2007 sponsor Canon GP Series Printer Cartridge