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Flying With Witches

One Halloween night when I went trick or treating (I was dressed up as a witch) I was walking along when I came to a broken down house. The house had spider webs on it and bats. I supposed it was just a house made to be scary, so I knocked on the door. 'Knock Knock.' What a scare I got when a real witch opened the door! She said to me, 'Oh, I thought you wouldn't come, dearie. Come in.'

When I looked around, I saw lots of other witches. They stared at me. Then one witch said, 'It is time for flying.' I was so excited. The witches got on their brooms and gave me one too. Then they said, 'we are ready for take off,' and we started to fly up into the sky. Then for about two hours we flew until I fell asleep. When I woke up I was in my own bed. All I saw was a black hat flying away. Copyright 2007 sponsor Brother Printer Inkjet Cartridges