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Once there was a doll named Yasmin. She lived with her two best friends, Cloe and Dana. This is the story of how Yasmin came to live in her house. She was in a plastic case with some cowgirl clothes. For a long time, Yasmin sat on the shelf in a toy store. One day, a girl came over to her and all the other dolls. The girl talked with someone and finally picked Yasmin and another doll out. Then she left and two other people took Yasmin to a checkout booth. They bought her and took her home. Yasmin was so happy she was about to burst with joy. She had hoped for the day when someone would buy her. But then she sat a long time in a bag waiting, until one day when someone wrapped the doll up and put her away again. By now Yasmin was getting tired of moving around and she wanted to see the girl that picked her out. Then at last, Yasmin was unwrapped and she saw the girl that was so kind. She took Yasmin out of the box and played with her. She brought her new doll home with her and then Yasmin met Cloe and Dana for the first time. Their house had a bathroom, a kitchen, a living room, a closet and a bedroom with three beds. Each of them had a bed . Dana had a blue bed, Cloe had a pink bed, and Yasmin got a teal bed. They all lived happily ever after. Copyright 2007 sponsor Thermal Transfer Labels