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The Dinosaurs

Once upon a time in a place that no one has been in, animals live. But the animals are not like the ones we see here. They are dinosaurs. They live in a vast area that stretches beyond what the eye can see. Some triceratops graze in a meadow. Suddenly a tyrannosaurus rex breaks the peaceful scene and bolts forward terrifying the animals.

The triceratops can't attack. The t-rex takes a huge bite. One is wounded and the rest hustle away. The t-rex munches happily at his meal. When he is finished he stomps off. A pterodactyl glides around looking for something to feast upon. Finally spying a meal he swoops down but when he gets to the meal he finds it is only bones. Sad and gloomy he sets off to find something else. The sunset is going away and night is falling. Soon it is pitch black and the animals are asleep. Copyright 2007 sponsor Epson EPL Series Printer Cartridge