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Do You Know What Diabetes Is?

Do you know what diabetes is and what causes it?

Diabetes is a disease that is caused when your pancreas stops or makes less insulin then what your body needs. Scientistís guess that something in your body thinks that the insulin is bad and attacks and destroys it.

There are two different types of diabetes. You can get type 1 diabetes, if the pancreas no longer produces insulin. If the pancreas only produces a small amount of insulin then that is type 2.

People usually have to test their blood sugar level 4-6 times a day. Before each meal, they figure out how many carbohydrates they are going to eat and then they give themselves enough insulin to balance their sugar level.

You can tell that you have diabetes when you are thirsty and hungry all the time. It is important to treat diabetes because you could go blind or lose your leg or arm. That is why if you have diabetes you should see a doctor and treat it.

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