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Chile is the longest country in South America. It is a country with hazards yet it has many beautiful views. Chile is 2,700 miles long on its western coast near the Pacific Ocean but only 110 miles from the Argentinean borderline to the ocean. There are many earthquakes, and volcanoes erupt without warning often. Also, there are many dangerous flash floods.

Chile's entire population is 15,311,000 people! Most of the population lives in the big cities such as Santiago, the capital of Chile, where the population is 5.2 million people! Everyone in Chile speaks Spanish with the exception of some Native American tribes who speak their own language.

Northern Chile makes up the cool, dry Atacama Desert. It may not rain in parts of the desert for over 20 years! Central Chile has 80% of the population living there. It is also very green and the soil is perfect for growing crops. Southern Chile is mostly part of Tierra del Fuego, an archipelago (chain of islands) that Chile and Argentina split up. Chile owns one half, and Argentina the other. It has penguins, ice, and glaciers. It is very cold there. Chile has possession of one island and a small group of islands. They are Easter Island, (because it was discovered on Easter Sunday) and Juan Fernandez Islands. They are in the Pacific Ocean many miles from Chile.

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