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Chocolate Chip Cookies

The history of chocolate chip cookies is both cool and amazing. It all started in the United States in a small town in Whitman, Massachusetts. Some cooks got together and mixed ingredients. It turned into an amazing cookie. It was so buttery that it almost melted in your mouth. Today people all over America eat them and enjoy them every day. No one ever thought of it before because it was so simple and it is delicious.

Chocolate chip cookies are one of my favorite kinds of cookies. They are better when they come right out of the oven because they taste creamy, extra chocolatey, and totally yummy all rolled into one cookie. I like them dipped in and with milk. A couple of cookies top a lunch, a snack, and even for supper- they are good.

I have found that one, two, or three cookies after a meal is plenty. If I eat more than that, I wish I would not have eaten so many. Adults must not like chocolate chip cookies very much because they are always telling me not to eat so much. I can not imagine a world without chocolate chip cookies and I pity the children that came before me because they never even knew what chocolate chip cookies were. Copyright 2007 sponsor Inkjet Printer Cartridge