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The Boy who Yelled Cluck

Once upon a time there was a little orphan boy. He was in charge of the chickens. Every day he would go to the henhouse and feed the chickens. He collected their eggs and petted the tiny chicks.

One day, a stranger came into the henhouse when the boy was feeding the hens. The stranger was really a sorcerer who was very evil. He walked up to the boy and said, "Give me the best hen you have, boy." The boy was very obedient so he gave the sorcerer the hen. When the sorcerer saw how perfect the hen was, he became greedy. He demanded that he be given all the hens, roosters, and chicks. The boy said no, because of course the children in the orphanage needed them as food to stay alive. The sorcerer flew into a rage and he started mumbling words that the boy could not understand. Suddenly, there was a bright flash of light and the boy found he had turned into a chicken! He tried to yell but instead he found he could only make a loud CLUCK!!! The sorcerer left, laughing nastily and taking all the birds, including the boy, with him.

The sorcerer went to his castle and locked the birds in a cage. The boy had no hope of getting out until he found that he could talk to animals. He talked to a tiny chick and asked him if he could get between the bars of the cage and get the key to unlock it. So the chick flew off trying out his new wings, and snatched the key from the pocket of the sorcerer. He opened all the locks on the other animals' cages. For you see, the sorcerer collected different species of animals to use in his spells. All the animals ran out of the cages and off into the woods. The sorcerer saw them go out and he was so angry, he split in two. All that was left of him were two boards and the unfortunate castle that had turned into a garbage dump. And what happened to the boy? He never did turn back into a boy but he was so happy being a chicken that he didn't care. The chickens were the best family he ever had. Copyright 2007 sponsor Lexmark Printer Cartridge