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Bonnie the Broken Bone

I am a broken bone in a girl named Sally. One day, she was swinging on a high swing at the park. She swung too high and fell off. Then she screamed and someone called an ambulance. They took an x-ray and found that her femur (thigh bone) was broken.

Unfortunately, that's me, Bonnie Bone. The doctor put Sally's leg in a cast to help me heal. The cast immobilizes me and now I can do what I do best. Grow! My two broken ends begin to mend and grow together. Soon I am as strong and hard as I was before Sally's accident. After a few months I am perfectly healed and Sally returns to the doctor. He takes the cast off with a special saw that doesn't even touch Sally's skin. Now Sally can play on the swing set again! Copyright 2007 sponsor Lexmark Printer Cartridge