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Benjamin Britten

Benjamin Britten was a British composer who wrote classical music in the Twentieth Century Period of music. He was born in Lowestoft, Suffolk, England, on November 22, 1913. He had three older siblings, a brother and two sisters. He began composing when he was only six years old. When Britten was older he studied the piano and later the viola.

Benjamin Britten spent his life composing a variety of musical works. He wrote music for his best friend, Peter Pears, to sing including the "Serenade for a Tenor, Horn, and Strings." Britten also wrote the famous "War Requiem" for choral music. He traveled to the United States and, in New York, wrote his very first opera with Peter Pears. Britten composed chamber music and a cello sonata, for a cellist friend of his. Chamber music is music for small groups of instruments. Benjamin Britten wrote chamber music mostly for string quartets. He composed music for the BBC Radio and for small theaters all around London. For children, Britten wrote, "A Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra." He received prizes for his pieces of music and wrote other operas.

Britten died in his house at Aldeburgh, Suffolk, on December 4, 1976, at the age of sixty-three. Copyright 2007 sponsor Thermal Labels, Direct Thermal, Thermal Transfer labels, Zebra, Datamax, Avery