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Famous Astronomers

William and George Bond

William Bond was an American astronomer in the 1800's who worked with his son George. William was the first director of the Harvard College Observatory and he installed the second largest telescope in the world there. William looked at the planet Saturn, sunspots, and the Orion Nebula. William and George thought that Saturn's rings were not solid, but liquid. Later they threw away this theory. George later developed the chronograph to record the stars' positions.

Grote Reber

Grote Reber was a radio engineer from America who experimented with radio waves in space. He was the first person to make radio maps of our sky and the first to discover radio signals using brightness. He died in 2002.

Georges Lemaitre

Georges Lemaitre was a cosmologist who developed the Big Bang theory. He was interested in the universe and astronomers like Edwin Hubble. He went to college to study solar physics at the university of Cambridge. Georges Lemaitre was Belgian and he wrote a book in which he said that a 'primeval atom' exploded and formed the universe. This theory was not proven. Copyright 2007 sponsor Canon Fax Series Printer Cartridge