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The Ant and the Grasshopper (A Fable)

Narrator: One day in the summer, an ant was gathering provisions for the winter. Ant: I am working so hard but I can't stop. I will be happy this winter though.

Grasshopper: Fiddle-dee fiddle-dee hum dum dee dee hum hum dee dee. Ant, why are you working? Come and sing with me.

Ant: You must gather food or in the winter you will starve.

Grasshopper: Hum dee dum hum fiddle-dee-dee hum dee.

Narrator: The grasshopper wouldn't listen to the ant and when winter came...

Grasshopper: Brrrrrrr. Brrrrrr. Ant, please give me a bite to eat. I am famished.

Ant: If you would have listened to me and gathered food instead of singing, you wouldn't be knocking on my door.

Grasshopper: Brrrr. Please Brrrrrrrr.

Ant: I hope you learn a lesson to work and then sing. Good-bye!

Narrator: The next summer, the grasshopper took the ant's advice and gathered all he needed. Then, when the ant and the grasshopper were done, they sang and danced together. Copyright 2007 sponsor Canon Printer Inkjet Cartridges