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Adventure in the Pacific

Chapter 1
Getting Ready
May 7, 3012

It is the year 3012 A.D. and I have been chosen to lead an expedition to a new island not thoroughly explored. I am going tomorrow at 2:00 P.M. and should be able to reach the island at 2:15 with my ready-for-anything ocean capsule boat. I'll make a list of things we need:

Explorer Susan Walker
Lots of food
2 Heat proof suits
2 Cold weather resistant suits
Ready-for-anything ocean capsule boat (already stocked with most equipment)
2 First aid kits and medicine and arm band watches that tell the temperature and how far we travel too
Up-to-date books about flora and fauna
Glider for two
2 parachutes (the ones that have propellers)
8 pairs of clothes (complete with jackets)
2 pairs of hiking boots and 2 pairs of flameproof camouflage boots
2 handy walkie-talkies to talk to our boss in case of emergency
1 quiet-as-a-mouse car with a convertible roof
Deflatable raft with paddles
Fresh water, canteens and backpacks (complete with five compartments)

Well, I better get a good night's sleep so I am ready for tomorrow.

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